Mike Boorn Plener

Serial Entrepreneur. Business Growth Specialist. Founder of Catapult. Marketing specialist across both small and large businesses. Author.

Nigel Pollard

Experienced chair, chief executive and qualified international company director. From founder of a start-up to multinational with 450 staff in 55+ countries over 19 years.

Ben Pirrie Bio Head

Ben Pirrie

Highly experienced serial entrepreneur, rainmaker and CEO.

Mark Gell head

Mark Gell

Has extensive capital markets experience, involved in transactions valued over $20B. Advising and investing in listed and unlisted start-up enterprises covering agriculture, biotech, energy, property, finance and regulatory and property industries.

Lisa Andrews head_edited

Lisa Andrews

Is working with organisations such as Singularity University, UN, ACTAI, EO and others. All with a focus on solving the worlds greatest challenges with exponential technologies.

Michael Furey head 828A4400 colour500x500_edited

Michael Furey

Proven track record in driving fastgrowth sales campaigns in global markets through sales and leadership.

Tony Gellert_edited

Tony Gellert

Provided growth advice to CEO’s and Owners over two decades. Worked across start-ups, Private Equity to Exits.

Quinn Lucas 0-3_edited

Quinn Lucas

Significant business experience in setup and rapid growth of business across Asia.

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