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Our focus is on leadership as well as implementing effective marketing and sales systems which bring in a steady stream of your ideal clients.

Q Effortless Selling Sessions - How to attract and convert more clients in 90 days without pushy sales tactics

This webinar is especially for Professional services firms, Consultants, Coaches, SAAS and IT services providers who provide high value services to either a B2B or B2C market, and who dislike (or even hate) the thought of selling.

Having said that, nothing happens until someone sells something. So the aim of our sales game is to make selling as effortless as possible.

Filled with practical examples, you’ll learn...

What you do before even speaking with a potential client has major ramifications on whether they buy.

How you can position yourself as the trusted authority and go-to person in your market space.

How you can reach out to prospects in a warm way that makes you an invited guest.

And how to frame a sales conversation so your prospects buy into your solution.

You'll also learn how to integrate three interlocking activities.

Marketing, prospecting and selling.

Marketing attracts and educates your market as to why they should consider you.

Prospecting which is you being proactive. Actively seeking out potential clients, contacting them and subsequently engaging in a sales conversation.

Sales involves honing in on what your prospects want to achieve, highlighting what’s stopping them and showing them you have a solution. Done well and you never have to use pushy sales tactics. Your clients recognise your ability to solve their issues and want to buy.

To be really effective you must have a system to combine all three.

We’re running a free 1 hour Zoom session which goes into this in more depth.

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