Collectively our team have more than 80 years experience in directly working with numerous SMEs, Corporates and large Multi National companies. We take pride in firstly being able to identify ‘pain points’ in an organisation but more importantly we collaboratively enjoy implementing appropriate change management to steer all concerned in a common direction. 

Spineka has built over the past decade strong in-house development capabilities. Deep learnings that have only been acquired through our own successes and failures. Spineka’s wholly owned outsourcing business, in Xtrastaff, has enabled us to start up a number of ventures, rapidly developing each into a Proof of Concept (PoC) where it can either ‘fail fast’ or ‘entice’ it’s own audience and become a business in it’s own right. We currently employ 70+ people across three countries – Australia, India and Nepal.

In late 2019, we have launched Venture Hub ( as a separate vehicle to collaboratively accelerate future growth with like minded individuals. The tagline of this business is to ‘Supporting great people achieve great things’. 

Q Innovation & Scale Assessment

Whether your product is either 'demonstrable' or 'conceptual', we would welcome the opportunity to technically provide an independent / no obligation review of your current value proposition. Under NDA, we can then digitally suggest innovative ways in which you can either 'pivot' or 're-invent' your business to resonate with customers (current and/or future).

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