We are marketing and communications experts with a passion for strategy and ultra efficient execution.

We work with you to understand your goals and your offering and to demystify the plethora of marketing options available to you so that you can communicate with your market like a seasoned pro!

Imagine having a marketing partner who truly “gets” you, your business and your needs.

Imagine a marketing partner who speaks in plain English and cares about your values, your message and your bottom line as much as you do.

Imagine a marketing partner with true business experience and years of understanding the ups and the downs.

Imagine a marketing partner who can help with every aspect of your marketing mix.

And now, imagine no longer because this is your new reality.

Welcome to TMCC. We are so looking forward to meeting you.


So, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of "gurus" out there and they are all telling us that we must master this or must download that or must complete this course in order to succeed.

The new and shiny tools available for your marketing increase exponentially year on year and often do little but to confuse and overwhelm most business owners.

Have you ever wanted a completely impartial expert to demystify all of the noise in the marketing world? Someone who can match your available resources with the marketing options that will enable you to truly lift your sales and profits?

This is a no strings attached, call with our Chief Strategist, Fleur who has over 25 years of marketing experience, and who has owned and run 4 businesses in three industry verticals across two countries.


Have you had the same (or maybe no) website for the last 5 years? Is your appetite for social media interaction waning and your overwhelm with your marketing to-do list overwhelming you? Does your branding feel tired and old? Are you unsure of how to communicate with your customers for repeat and return business? Do you love your business but wilt at the thought of having to renovate or improve your marketing? Do you know that there are huge numbers of potential customers and clients out there but you just don't know how to reach them? Maybe you have a really strong business that, until recent events, hasn't needed to utilise online marketing tools at all?

Well - please don't worry - we've all answered yes to one or more of these questions at some stage during our business journey.

We will provide you with a questionnaire followed by a strategy call of up to 2 hours so that we can better understand your business.

Within 5 business days, you will be presented with a comprehensive marketing audit to know what is missing in your marketing mix, what is working brilliantly and what might be improved.

Basically, a strategic document to reboot, re-focus and re-energise your business!!

You will understand how to better articulate your message, to know how you might better reach your target audience and what might be that ONE THING that sets you apart from your competition and attracts more customers, more clients and more profits.

We will look at your entire marketing mix - your website, your social media, your newsletters, your offers, your networking and referral opportunities, local, regional and national marketing, your branding, your messaging, your customer service as well as any traditional marketing such as print, phone or snail mail.

As we all know that execution is the most critical part of any strategy - we will also guide you and advise on your next steps, whether you choose to work within your own in-house resources, utilise ours or work with another supplier altogether. The power rests with you.

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