The United Project exists to improve mental health and prevent suicides because everyone deserves a full, happy and productive life.

COVID-19 will deliver a spike in mental illnesses and suicides. We aim to minimise that spike.

Our initial goal is to accrue more gratitude points than global COVID-19 cases. AU$1 = 1 Gratitude Point. As at 18 May 2020, there are now over 4.4 million confirmed cases around the world. You can read more about Gratitude Points below.

80% of all profits will be donated to fund mental health research, front-line mental health support and suicide prevention organizations and initiatives. 75% of profits generated from within a specific country will be donated back to organizations in that country. The remaining 25% will be donated to support research and front-line organizations in developing countries.

Q Our evidence-based corporate coaching programs will:

1. Build further levels of awareness, acceptance and support of mental health in the workplace.
2. Help identify those at risk in the workplace and provide a pathway to professional support.
3. Promote the importance of and build capabilities that help establish unity, belonging,
connectedness, gratitude and individual value.
4. Build skills to better identify and be more mindful of negative and unhelpful thoughts, while
learning how they can be reframed to limit their impact.
5. Build greater resilience and psychological flexibility so management and staff can look to take
advantage of constant challenge, change and uncertainty confronting them.

The corporate coaching programs will be 3 x 45 minute sessions delivered online. Additional programs and variations are available upon request.

These programs will be available from June 2020, and the final cost and details will be provided via our website:

Q The reasons for purchasing TUP products:

Branded t-shirts, apparel and postcards.

1. To build further levels of awareness of the invisible (and often silent) cost of mental illness in the workplace, and the number of suicides that are expected to escalate, over the coming 36 months.
2. To promote the concepts of unity, belonging, connectedness and individual value.
3. To build new skills to reframe negative thoughts and to take advantage of the challenges that both management and staff will face.
4. To help identify those at risk and provide a pathway to professional support.

Available from June 2020. Please see our website for further details:

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