What is #RebootAustralia?

#RebootAustralia is a simple pathway for you as a business owner to connect with top-line resources to help you find the path towards new success. We are a collective of over 100 firms across coaching, consulting, strategy, revenue, brand, marketing, finance, accounting, law and more.

The front-end is a methodology that has been developed over the past 5 years that helps any kind of business find the sweet spot of successful growth.

As a group, we have come together to help YOU, the business owner.

Join us, and together we can Connect. Reboot. Thrive!

Why join #RebootAustralia?

We recognise that as a business owner, the last few months have provided many extreme challenges to thrive and prosper (or even survive) in your business.

So what’s unique about #RebootAustralia and how can we help you? Instead of just sending you off to yet another service provider we take the time to chat with you to understand your situation and find out exactly what kind of help you need to get back on your pathway to success.

The inner team at #RebootAustralia are all seasoned entrepreneurs. We’ve seen our fair share of ups and downs, successes and global crises, and managed to successfully grow our businesses regardless, and that’s exactly what puts us in a unique situation to help you… Thrive!

What we do for a living is help business owners like you build and run better businesses. We have decided to scale what we do, already having helped, trained and coached 1,000+ businesses in the past.

It’s your chance to be coached, mentored and guided by people that have built, grown, exited, capital raised, gone international and managed $100M+ revenue lines. Why we’re doing this? Because simply put, we need to #RebootAustralia.

We believe that small, entrepreneurial businesses are the engine room of the economy. Without you we, as a nation, will be a lot worse off.

Join today and let’s make the country a better place – together.

What you get when you join #RebootAustralia

There are a lot of options available to you once you’re on the inside. From free resources in spades, reduced fee services, 1:1 time with experts that can help you move forward to structured programs that will carry you onwards to success.

Coaching, consulting, sales training, marketing advice fresh branding, legal and accounting…. the list goes on. We have managed to secure a number of free spots with top people across the professions—exclusively for members.

Are your financials looking a bit sad? At present that is a common problem for a LOT of business owners—not surprising. Plug into our online analysis platform and find out how your numbers can be better within weeks. We typically see 10-20% improvement on gross profit within a month or two.

Fill in the questionnaire and find out if you qualify for our customised 1:1 #Reboot Coaching. Yes, we assign a seasoned business owner to “join your team”, typically running an in-depth session with you once a fortnight. Click the button below and fill in the quiz that helps determine whether you qualify.

Across the board when you join  #Reboot Australia as a member we have secured some amazing deals, often at half what you’d normally pay. From hosting and serviced offices to coaches with 30 years’ business experience. Check in… to find out.

Over the past few years we’ve heard thousands say “can you just help me get to the next level”. Whether you’re new to business or a seasoned operator, there is always a next level up. The LVLS program gets you there in record time. This program has always been held behind closed door for elite business owners only. For the first time we’re making this available to all qualified business owners for a fraction of what the big guys have paid. Fill in the form to discover whether you qualify.

There is a lot of money available right now—often on very favourable terms. But if you’re like most you are probably not sure where to start and how to go about it. Grab a consultation with a #RebootAustralia expert and find the best solution for you.

Want to hone your skills in a particular area? Join one of our daily video streams. There are hundreds of videos waiting behind the scenes for you to explore and benefit from.

“What got you here won’t get  you there” —that much is certain. Consequently many founders and directors realise they need a fresh strategy. This is typically where we start with all fully qualified #Reboot members. It gives you a chance to review your plans to ensure you are going in the right direction and it enables us to connect you with just the right resources.

Behind the scenes (once you have joined) the Extended Support Platform (ESP) gives you access to a raft of videos, training materials, tools, reports, and more. Not only are we producing materials daily we’re bringing online materials from a very broad range of our partners.

We put our curation skills to work finding amazing talent across numerous industries. That’s why on the #RebootAustralia platform you’ll find experts from single operators to large firm, and from big cities to rural areas. We realise there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Come join us today!

Who is #RebootAustralia for?

  • Startups & scaleups
  • Small-Medium Enterprises (SME)
  • Food and hospitality
  • Family businesses
  • Online retail
  • Fashion & lifestyle
  • Financial and advisory firms
  • Information, media or publishing
  • Travel and tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport, logistics, import & export
  • Medical and health care
  • Software and technology
  • New businesses just starting up
  • Experienced business owners

… in other words it’s for everyone involved in running a small business!

How do we know it works?

We have a proven model for business growth. It operates on what we commonly refer to as the ‘four pillars of scale’. Certainly not invented here, it’s been developed and evolved across great universities like Stanford and used by most super-successful businesses like Amazon, The Iconic and H&M.

As a framework, it’s how we know we will always drive you forward towards faster growth and more financial success.

As a business you need…

Growth hacking, B2B sales, consumer marketing, joint ventures, relationship marketing, landing pages, funnels and so much more. Many  people turn growth and revenue into a very technical exercise. It’s actually much simpler; all you have to do is build great relationships—at scale. Let us show you how it’s done.

Building a great business takes teamwork. We have the structures and experience to help you build your dream team.

A lot of businesses struggle when the growth picks up momentum. Make sure you take advantage of our 120 point checklist for growth success to ensure you reap the benefits of success.

To ensure you can run a smooth business and take the right decisions month–to–month, knowing somebody has your back.

To allow you to execute on your long–term plans.

We help you with…

Revenue generates cash flow, cash flow means you end up with money in the bank. With money in the bank, you can achieve more of what you want to do. Sounds simple, but generating more revenue consistently can be anything but. Our internal team is rigged with people that have done revenue. Building businesses from scratch to $100M, along with modest personal businesses netting a few $100K’s every year—these people are all on the team. There is no right formula here—it all depends on what YOU want to do!

How do you build a great culture where people really pull their weight, pulling your business forward? We help you get the right people, whether that’s a future co-founder or the office administrator, all play an important role in building your dream. Let’s do it together!

“Boring!” you say. I hear you—but wait a second! Do you prefer being a slave to your business, or would you rather it was the other way around? The difference is systems, processes, procedures. It may sound dry, but the results are clear!

Whether you’re looking to rebuild or expand, import or export, these days there is a financial product suited for you. We have teamed up with expert associates that you can work with to find the right solution for you. No obligation of course.

In 2018/2019 alone the Catapult organisation (the organiser of #Reboot Australia) helped 150 people get on the right track to raising their first capital. Results are already showing with many successfully raising. We are always eager to help people get to the next level.

The framework may seem surprisingly simple on the surface, but it’s extremely powerful ‘under the hood’. To find out how it can work for you and your business, click the button and let’s talk.

What kind of Reboot do you need?

1. Ready to Launch

Have you been retrenched, stood down, or are about to be? But… you were already working on something in the garage? Let us know!

2. Weather the Storm

You had a fairly solid business until a few months ago. But… things are looking crazy right now. Let’s work together on getting you back on top.

3. ScaleUp & Conquer

Many businesses thrive in conditions that are adverse for others. If you’re one of them, please talk to us, we understand. For you it’s about leveraging and scaling FAST. Let’s make the most of the land–grab ahead!

4. Tough Trading

Do you feel you’re way over the edge? Trouble paying the bills? Not sure where to go next? You’ll be surprised to learn how many ways there are to get you back on a safe track.

We can help you with each of these scenarios – Click here to #Reboot today!


At Catapult, we’re proud of our ability to provide high-quality services that help you find success.

Mats Johnson, Director, VGW Holdings
What you highlighted during today’s program is there are quite a few steps you can take to really educate yourself and increase your level of success. I strongly recommend anyone to sign up.

Adam Johnstone, Founder, NodeFire & iGenius
For me it was about learning how the entire process works, all the tips and tricks along the way.  It really inspired me to get the ball rolling which I would have never done without Catapult’s help. Now I have a plan for moving forward with my businesses.

Louisa Forrest, Business Owner, Lavenderia NappyCare
Anyone who’s got an idea, put it to market, it’s growing legs but hasn’t got it quite running yet should be here!… If I had known the funding we could get to get my concept off the ground, Oh my God, it would have changed the course of the company, it would have been so much easier!

Rashid Kotwal, Business Coach, Revealed Resources
While we have a successful consultancy, Mike honed and refined our market offering which made me go, “Wow – why didn’t I think of that!” Being in the environment literally forced me to create an implementation plan for the next 3 months… and we’ve already started. I strongly suggest you make the time to attend the next master class when it’s offered.