You may ask yourself why we're doing this. Simple answer is because we can. We helped over 1,000 companies last year, and with Reboot we're stepping up and increasing our capacity as well as gathering the best  of associates and friends—so we can help people like you Connect. Reboot.Thrive. Welcome to #RebootAustralia!

Mike Boorn Plener, 
Catapult Founder and #RebootAustralia Leader

Why did we start #RebootAustralia?



Want to boost your revenue? Hire more people? Ask a tricky question and get confidential advice? Raise capital? Build a world-class brand? Get a coach? 
Halve your staff?

Everybody’s situation is totally different. We get it! We as business owners know you feel strongly about your business. We get you’re determined to show the world a better way—through your products and services. And with that help yourself and your family. We understand what it means to truly shine, to stand up and be counted in society.

This is an invitation to join an exclusive opportunity of like-minded business owners, we’re all pulling together to make Australia thrive. Use this as your secret weapon to get to success sooner—on your terms!

Want to get some shortcuts to success? We have built an unreal group of people waiting for you to join, learn from the best in the business and give back to those who need your help.

Ready to 

Reboot Australia!

Join the movement and be part of an unprecedented network of business owners and industry experts who are sharing tips, resources, advice and training to #RebootAustralia!

Stand Strong


Why join #RebootAustralia?

Whether your business is going up, down or sideways, there is nothing wrong with doing better and being more successful. The lockdown and financial setbacks leaves enormous opportunities for those who act.

In case you’re wondering, this is not just a bunch of consultants giving you advice. Behind the scenes we’re a troupe of highly successful business owners (link to ‘faces’ here) with reach all across Australia and with experience spanning the globe who have come together to make this country an even better place.

Whether you too can help, or need a hand up (or perhaps a bit of both) we’d love for you to join our circle of partners—this is an unprecedented peer network of top players. We’re a tribe of people that have built, grown, excited, capital raised, gone international and managed $100M+ revenue lines. We’re all here because we want to make a difference.

We believe that small, entrepreneurial businesses are the engine room of the economy. Without you, our nation is a lot worse off.

Join us!

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